Market Access

Institutional Relations and Market Access are essential points for the development of new business in health.

Always guided by the ethics and transparency of our actions, we align technical and strategic activities to improve a healthy interface within and between public and private entities.

It is not enough to regularize your company and product if there is not an action of intelligence to understand the market you intend to act, possible buyers, commercial trends, prices practiced and link all this to the social, political and economic environment.

Constant updating is what differentiates an area of new business and government relations - a highly strategic sector for any company. Novelties are always emerging in the field of health technologies and innovations, as well as in public, social and economic policies.

With that in mind, we seek updated information on health in various media, where we prepare and disseminate daily a News Clipping to our clients (where we can format the content according to the area of activity and interest of the client), as well as, we constantly maintain updated databases of curricula and organizational charts of key managers and public health agencies.

Our presence in several events and frequent contacts with technicians and managers allows us, besides updating, also a critical and current look at what is happening in the regulatory and public policies area, facilitating a more comprehensive and strategic look at our clients' projects.

Therefore, we offer the following services:

Analysis and assessment for Market Access in Healthcare and survey of business opportunities;
Survey, Assessment and Price Registration with the CMED;
Access and technical and strategic management with ANVISA, MS, MAPA and other agencies;
Advisory for the Incorporation of New Technologies in Health (CONITEC);
Advice and monitoring of processes of Technology Transfer and Partnerships for Productive Development (PDP);
Institutional Relations for presentation of companies and projects;
Monitoring and forwarding of publications of the Federal Official Gazette
Monitoring and forwarding of news of interest in the health area (news clipping);
Advice on bidding proceedings.