Food Ingredients and
Dietary Supplements

Formed by a technical team of nutritionists specialized in health surveillance and with extensive experience in the area.

We provide the necessary support for the regularization of ingredients and products at ANVISA and MAPA, performing activities such as  

Participation in discussions at ANVISA and in Public Consultations;
Broad support in the assessment of formulations, including additives and technology coadjuvants;
Elaboration of labelling claims and nutrition information tables;
Follow-up of processes filed at ANVISA and at the Ministry of Agriculture - MAPA;
Preparation of Notification of Waiver of Registration, Registration and Secondary Registration Petitions;
Elaboration of all processes related to Post Registration;
Feasibility Studies of New Ingredients, New Products and New Technologies;
Reviews of processes already prepared by the company, with issuance of Non Conformity Report;
Courses and Training according to customer demand;
Inclusion of additives in ANVISA's Positive List;
Approval of New Functional Claims, among others.

Success Stories:

Approval of new ingredients unpublished in Brazil, such as: L carnitine, arabinogalactan, high phosphatidylserine soy lecithin, Ulkenia sp algae oil, zeaxanthin of Tagetes erecta flower, Lactobacillus helveticus, Agaricus biosporus mushroom, defatted chia flour.
Inclusion of the asparaginase enzyme of A. niger in the positive list of RDC 53/14.
Participation with the Association of tomato producers to change item of the resolution on micro and macroscopic substances in food, resulting in the publication of the RDC 14/14 - changing the limit of rodent hair from "absence" to "1 string of hair in 100g”.