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Who we are

Visanco emerged as a result of the great academic and professional experience of our founder, Antonio Osvaldo, who worked for over 20 years in the Ministry of Health and PAHO/WHO in regulatory actions, training and decentralization in health surveillance for states and municipalities.

Thus, in 1997, we constituted Visanco as a tool to unveil the regulatory world, its laws, decrees, ordinances and resolutions, with the sole purpose of translating, simplifying and transmitting this legal framework to stakeholders, as well as the procedures, proceedings and understandings of the regulatory agents.

Over the years, we have incorporated into our group highly qualified professionals who have contributed to the continuity of the excellence of the services provided by Visanco.

We are a company recognized nationally and internationally, not only for our capacity to generate technically and scientifically well-founded solutions, but also for the condition of strategically evaluating the projects of interest to our clients under the legal, political, economic and social frameworks.

For us, challenges and overcoming are routines we experience on a daily basis. There are countless contacts, doubts, innovative and creative projects in which we perform in a professional, ethical and transparent way, with a high level of commitment and always respecting the rules and current legislation and, especially, the health of the population.

Providing the best technical and strategic solutions for the health segment, enabling a complete understanding and application of current legislation. In order to do so, we value transparency and ethical relationships with our clients and public agencies.

Becoming the largest Company in health regulatory matters and the one that best aggregates knowledge and solutions for our customers, by understanding their wishes and needs, contributing to the availability and innovation of products and services in the health area.

Respect, commitment, proactivity, ethics, spirit, transparency, professionalism.

Advising and training companies and governments, both at national and international levels in the health field, providing technical and strategic solutions for their complete regularization, as well as products before the competent bodies.

Areas of Expertise

With its consolidated name in the national and international markets, Visanco provides specialized services in product areas subjected to sanitary control, Feasibility Analysis of New Products, Formulation Adequacy, Structuring of Dossiers for Clinical Trial (DDCM and DICD), Registration of Products, Regularization of Companies, Sanitary Legislation and Technical Regulations, PriorAudits in Processes of Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices with ANVISA, Processes of Technology Transfer, Pharmaceutical Assistance, Incorporations of New Technologies in Health, Registration of Prices of Medicines, among other activities in the health field.

Services Offered

Food Area

We provide the necessary support for the regularization of ingredients and products at ANVISA and MAPA, performing activities such as

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Market Access

Institutional and Relationsand Market Access are essential points for the development of new business in health.

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Pharmaceutical Area

Acting in the Regularization of Companies and Products with the competent bodies of the Ministry of Health (ANVISA):

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Clinical Research

With the publications of Resolutions RDC 09/2015 (Medicines) and RDC10/2015 (Products for Health), the clinical trials conducted in Brazil, which will serve to subsidize applications for product registration, need to be evaluated and granted by ANVISA. ​

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Administrative Services

Enjoy the convenience of having your documents filed or withdrawn in Brasilia, at the place and day indicated by you!

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Our staff is formed by nutritionists, pharmacists, biomedicaltechnicians, sanitarians, lawyers, administrators, psychologists and system analysts, with great experience and trained in their specific field of work.

Our history is highlighted by numerous success cases in these 23 yearsin the making, such as innovations in new drug registrations (biological andsynthetic), foods with functional claims and probiotics that are our brand, aswell as our transparent, ethical and professional relationship with our clientsis our greatest legacy, above all.

In order to formulate actions to disseminate the knowledge acquired in years of performance in the health sector and health surveillance, Visanco counts on ateam of masters and specialists with wide academic experience, providing courses, training and consulting inCompany, either in the face-to-face and/or distance modality (DistanceLearning and Webinar), taking into consideration the realities, needs and specificities of each company, always adding theory and practice in a pleasant, participative and dynamic way.


Está chegando! NIS Webinars – Suplementos Alimentares!

Está chegando! NIS Webinars – Suplementos Alimentares!

Amanhã, 28 de Abril às 10h a 2º edição Série NIS WEBINARS

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2ª Edição do Formulário de Fitoterápicos da Farmacopeia Brasileira

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Submissão de Estudos Clínicos

Submissão de Estudos Clínicos

Submissão de Estudos Clínicos e Registro de Vacinas contra a Covid-19



NIS Nutri Ingredients Summit Presencial 2021!

São Paulo

Summit e Exposição sobre inovações, tecnologias e tendências para ingredientes e nutrição com foco em saudabilidade, funcionais e nutracêuticos, para...

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São Paulo - SP